Who doesn’t dream of leaving work someday, heading out to the airport and flying to a location where, on a closed circuit course, you can test drive lots and lots of very cool, very fast cars?

For Ben Collins this is the norm. The only thing missing from this scenario? Leaving the “real job” for the day. As a professional stunt car driver, driving lots of very cool and very fast cars is his real job.

In the new Lionsgate movie, “Ben Collins: Stunt Driver,” Collins test drives lots and lots of cars. The number one pick named “ultimate stunt car?” The all-new Ford Mustang.

At Team Automotive in Steubenville, Ohio, we’d love the chance to show you our new lineup of 2016 Ford Mustangs. If there is another car, truck or SUV that you’d like to test drive, we’d be happy to set that up for you as well. We offer a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Not in the market for a vehicle? Consider bringing your current ride to us for service. Our efficient and professional service technicians will be happy to serve you.

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