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Never Settle. Drive the 2016 Ford Focus.

For many years, the compact car has merely served as an adequate means of transportation. But, the compact class has made incredible strides to deliver a better daily driving experience. You'll find that to be the case by driving the new 2016 Ford Focus!

With its fresh new appearance, the 2016 Ford Focus blends sporty performance with a premium quality, tech-centered interior cabin. At its modest pricing, the Focus's value remains in the compact car's best selling point to this day!

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Makes Serious Tracks in the Speedy (and Spanking-New) 2016 Ford Focus RS

Lately, we at Team Ford Lincoln feel like we've been smiling ceaselessly. And, if we had to venture a guess as to what the good vibes can be attributed to, we'd point immediately to the 2016 Ford Focus RS, the American automaker's all-new hot-as-heck hatchback.

Yet what, specifically, has us all fired up for it? Auto Trader UK Senior Road Tester, Paul Bond, addresses this query and more in the video review below:

Astonishingly appointed, the sole trim type of the Focus RS leaves very little to be desired.

Standard features include 19-inch alloy wheels, summer tires…

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Ford Announces "Rent-A-Racer" Throwback Partnership with Hertz

Yesterday, Ford issued a press release announcing a new partnership with Hertz to make a performance-modified version of the Mustang GT, named the Shelby GT-H, available for rent. The program is similar to the "Rent-A-Racer" program of the 1960s. As part of the program, 140 Shelby GT-H models will be available exclusively through the Hertz Adrenaline Collection...

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MotorWeek Gets Taste of 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

It's not often that we at Team Ford Lincoln feel like giddy schoolchildren, but today happens to be one of those rare occasions.

And we have a certain forthcoming model -- the 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang -- to thank for that.

Find out what's got us all fired up by scoping the clip below, a preview of the pony car from the folks at MotorWeek:

Of course, we're head-over-heels for its incredible 526-horsepower V8 engine. But that's only the beginning of the story.

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2015 Ford F-150: Best-Seller Gets Even Better

When it comes to the class of full-size pickup trucks, there's the Ford F-150 and every other model on the market. That's likely why the F-150 has stood atop the sales charts for over 30 years.

And, we're confident in the belief that the 2015 Ford F-150 is simply the best model to date! The F-150 has shed nearly 700 pounds by incorporating military grade aluminum into its body structure.

However, the F-150 still retains its iconic power as it delivers class-leading towing capacity of 12,000 pounds when paired to a 385-horsepower, V8 engine. What's…

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